Who We Are

We are a diverse group of seekers in every way, and we enjoy thinking “outside the box”.  We have members who are secure in their faith, and we have members who are constantly questioning – and everyone in between.  We welcome both the seekers and the people of faith, because no matter who you are, or where you are on life’s journey – you are welcome here! 


No matter what changes in society bring, at the core of the life of the church, animating all its activities, are the faith, values, and covenant those founders of The First Congregational Church and Ecclesiastical Society brought to this little wilderness over three centuries ago.  Today, First Church is still just as committed to meeting the needs of our church family and the community at large.  We stand ready to put our faith into action.


Fellowship is key to putting faith into action, and we welcome all to the table.  Jesus didn’t turn anybody away, and neither do we.  Church and community events, such as our recent Earth Day Celebration and Potluck Supper, our combined Summer Worship Series with North Congregational Church, and our upcoming Rally Day event and participation in Woodbury’s Fall Festival this autumn illustrate how First Church members enjoy their church family as well as reach out to the local community.


If you don’t believe that fun has any part in a church family, then we might not be the church for you.  We believe that God is having a party, and we are all invited!  At God’s party, our spiritual hunger is fed and our thirst is satisfied.  At God’s party, we get strength and stamina and community support that helps us through the tough times that come to everyone.  God can blow the lid off of any box, unfold it, and turn it into a dance floor!

It’s not all about commandments; it’s about relationships.  The most important relationship is our relationship with God.  The second most important relationship is our relationship with the rest of the human family.  In balance, these relationships produce justice amidst injustice, kindness in the face of cruelty, and humility and self-acceptance that comes as we sense the presence of God, who knows our innermost thoughts and loves us unconditionally, just as we are.